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The Amethyst Update Bring a sniper rifle, finish wave one, and shoot the drones to trigger Maximum Temper. The Black Armory drones in this Forge spawn above the Vex spires on the two smaller islands. Luckily, both are visible from the central island, so post up there at the start of wave two. Again, a Black Armory crate containing the Butterfly Key will spawn near the Forge core once you finish the activity.

Massive Amethyst Golem

The Black Armory drones in this Forge are close together and easy to spot, plus you don't need a sniper rifle this time. Stick to the back of the arena near the ship wreckage when wave two starts. The first drone will be hovering near the top of the wreckage, and the other will be to your left toward a spawn cave. Shoot them, finish the round, and loot the crate for the Hand Key.

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The Black Armory Key is also tied to a Forge, but you've got to do some grinding first. Start by visiting Ada-1 in the Tower. This can be done completely solo, and it's a lot simpler than it sounds. How to farm Watcher Lenses: Load into the Leviathan and drop down to the platform under the bridge you spawn on. Head to the control room at the end of this platform and you'll find six levers.

Amethyst – Final Fantasy XV

These levers will open the way to the Leviathan's underbelly when pulled in the following order: 1 5 3 2 4 6, with the levers numbered 1 to 6 from left to right. Put on high mobility armor if you can't get the levers to activate - you're probably just moving too slowly - and slide into the levers to give yourself a speed boost.

Refer to this GIF if you're having trouble:. Once the path is opened, head outside and go up a few levels until you see two large pipes heading into the bowels of the ship. Follow these pipes to a room in the back, pull the lever inside to activate the nearby air vent, and ride the vent upward. Head down the small nearby hallway and follow the linear path until you reach another door with a lever, which leads to the Engine Room. Pull the lever to open the door. Inside you'll find four Watchers, little sentinel robots which act as the Leviathan's alarm system.

Once you kill one Watcher, the others will sound the alarm and you'll need to dispatch a wave of Cabal before you can kill the rest. So, you know, kill everything. Here's a quick look at the path to the Engine Room:. The Black Armory Key Mold says you need to destroy every Watcher in the Leviathan, but you don't ; you just need to kill the four unfortunate Watchers in the Engine Room six times.

So, once you clear the room, head outside and pull the lever again to respawn everything. Repeat this process until you've collected all 24 Watcher Lenses.

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This can be obtained by completing Public Events, opening planetary loot chests, and finishing Strikes. Grinding Heroic Public Events is the fastest way to get Glimmering Amethyst because they don't take long, they award 10 Amethyst each, and you can loot planetary chests between events.

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Or, if you'd prefer, you can grind 10 Strikes, if you don't mind investing a little more time. Get to wave two, shoot the drones, and finish the Forge. The first drone will spawn on the left side of the mossy ruins in the back of the arena, and you'll find the second drone hovering around the large red pipe on the right side. Loot the crate at the end of the Forge, pop all your keys into the Mysterious Box, and you'll receive a Mysterious Decryption Device and a Mysterious Datapad.

The latter has its own independent questline, which you can follow with our Destiny 2: Black Armory Mysterious Datapad quest guide , so we're going to focus on the Decryption Device. Bring this to Ada-1 and she'll tell you about an Unidentified Frame, which is the next step in the quest. The book title author name and publisher are all stat paste-ups on a sheet of onion skin paper which is affixed to the front with tape. In Excellent condition. Auction Info Auction Dates. Dates, history, background, and value ranges are covered in the comprehensive new guide. Order Now!

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