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50 Small Agricultural Business Ideas
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go here This newly founded business activity for vegetable seed is going to be based in Wageningen Netherlands , an innovative region for the development of new vegetable varieties. For more than years we have been developing very successfully varieties of agricultural plants.

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This competency will now help to build up the new business activity in vegetables. Seed World PRO is a platform for professionals in the global seed industry. Our mission is simple — help industry professionals succeed.

The PRO platform gives you access to exclusive content, analysis, and tools to arm you with your next-level intel. Founded in , Seed World has been covering the news, issues and events as it relates to seed, everything from alfalfa to zucchini and from plant breeding to management, for more than years.

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NAPB October Clemson University researcher Sachin Rustgi searches for solutions to celiac disease. Wheat has long history of challenges, ranging…. In this role, FMC will have…. Instead of heading to the library to check out a book, why not check out some seeds? Amanda Patin, key account manager for SGS, gives us the scoop on why seed testing is more than a regulatory requirement….

The Solution : SoilFender is a novel soil disinfectant, based on a syntenic compound discovered in a novel endophytic fungus , highly effective against numerous crop pathogens including fungi, nematodes and weeds. SoilFender has no effect on soil-microbiome, can be implemented by irrigation and leaves no residues after 48 hours. The Need : Due to the controversial effect of nematicides and gradual phase-out of several prominent chemical nematicides in the last years including the ban of methyl bromide, there is a need for better generic, effective and non-hazardous nematicides.

The Solution : A bio-nematicide based on a predatory nematode, which eats the eggs and the juveniles of root-knot nematodes.

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The Need : In warm weather regions, prolonged dormancy is the major obstacle for economic production of many crops, due to a short chilling period. Hydrogen Cyanimide HC is the only effective solution to induce bud-break in table grapes, apple, kiwifruit, peach, cherry and pistachio.

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HC is already banned in Europe and under review in many other countries due to environmental reasons and since wrong application of HC harms the crop. Numerous field trials proved that BudUp has a similar effectiveness as HC of breaking bud dormancy. BudUp is not phytotoxic even if applied on non-dormant buds. The Need : Water shortage limits agriculture production globally.

50 Small Agricultural Business Ideas

Increasing the amount of HXK in guard cells allows plants to have much more efficient stomata, thus saves water, enhances growth and increases yield. The Need : Harvested fruits and vegetables quality deteriorates from picking to consumption. This happens mainly due to storage conditions and fungi. The Solution : PostBoost induces tolerance in harvested fruits and vegetables to various pathogens, thus prolonging shelf-life and reducing waste.

Proven in experiments conducted on Avocado, Citrus, Mango and Strawberry.

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The material also induces tolerance to chilling, thus enables to adjust storage conditions and reduce waste caused by chilling damages. ES Reduction of food waste by identifying the ripeness level of stored produce 2. ES Biological ingredient for Chickpea seed treatments, which enhances tolerance to Fusarium 3. ES Biological treatment against bacteria-infected leafy vegetables 4.

ES Natural preservative for food and beverages. DD Novel formulation to improve the efficacy of bio-pesticides 2. DD Method to breed salinity-resistance plants 1st crop rice 4.

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[READ ONLINE] How to start an Agro seed processing plant (Start your own business Book 1) by. Jagrut Badani. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every . to start an Agro seed processing plant (Start your own business Book 1) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also You can download or read online.

DD Innovative sensor to measure nitrate levels in the soil to improve fertilization regime 5. DD Improving bio-availability of protein in fish diet 6. The Need : Improving the efficacy of existing crop-protection products and reduce the usage of hazardous materials. The Solution : A generic biological crop-protection solution that induce tolerance in crops against various pathogens, including insects, fungus, bacteria and viruses.

Can be implemented as a stand-alone product or as enhancer to chemical crop-protection products that improves their performance and reduces the usage of hazardous materials. As a multidisciplinary manager with more than 20 years of hands-on experience, managing companies, leading local and global sales, business development, strategic planning, project management and marketing of products in industrial and technological markets, Eyal played an active role in bringing new technologies and innovations to fruition in startup and mature companies.

Ohad brings strong leadership and strategic planning capabilities, coupled with vast knowledge in management and deal-making in the agriculture sector.

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Yoel is an expert in fund formation and administration, international financial management, corporate financing, and deal management from structuring through execution. In the past, he held various management positions, both in the food and in the hi-tech industries, such as GM of Itzhar Food an edible oil company active in Israel and internationally. Ziv is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur with a successful year track record in a variety of industries, multinational enterprises and small companies. Ziv has held managerial and business development roles in companies in the medical, service, and energy arenas.

He is an editor or a member of the editorial boards of 11 scientific journals. He led the development of many products commercialized by the agriculture industry. His scientific expertise includes plant physiology, crop improvement including yield, quality disease resistance and tolerance to biotic and a-biotic stress conditions, floral and fertility restoration in garlic, oxygen toxicity in plants, seed production, soil solarization and plant genetic resources.

He chaired the Scientific Board of the Israeli Gene Bank and represented Israel in numerous professional international committees.