Minding Your Spiritual Business: III

Minding Your Spiritual Business: Life Stories with Life Sense
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enter Spiritual growth: The development of love and consciousness. Care and compassion Caring for others trigger a feedback loop of wellbeing that nourishes your own body and soul. The third foundation of spiritual health is to give care and love to others. Caring for others triggers a feedback loop of wellbeing that nourishes your own body and soul. In this programme, you will be reminded and shown precisely how to do this. Compassion: Caring for others while aware of their pain.

What is a spiritual or mystical experience?

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Spiritual or mystical experiences are characterised by a sense of expanded consciousness, a sense of unity, oneness and wholeness as well as a sense of deeper contact and connection with life and reality. Also, spiritual experiences can offer profound and intuitive wisdom and knowledge. There are different types of spiritual and mystical experiences ranging from a presence and union with personal God thesis , identity with impersonal Absolute monistic , pure consciousness event PCE and mystical experience of the natural world natural and so on.

Spirituality is recognised now by health professionals, governments and educational bodies. It views life as a journey, where good and bad experiences can help you to learn, develop and mature. Spiritual care is not necessarily religious. Religious care, at its best, should always be spiritual. And there is obviously, the Hippocratic Oath, historically taken by physicians, that requires a new physician to swear, by a number of healing gods, to uphold specific ethical standards.

Modern spirituality encompasses green values of protecting and caring for the environment which is also included in feng shui as part of its ethos of living in harmony with the local and global environments. There are many benefits of spirituality with a clearly defined relationship between spirituality and medicine and healthcare.

People who have a spiritual connection are healthier, happier and live longer. And there is a wealth of rigorous research and evidence demonstrating the benefits of spirituality for physical and mental health as well as wellbeing for individuals and for the wider community. Obviously, there are risks and bad practice but these are fully acknowledged in the research. There is also an emerging science and physiology that explains the connection.

The major study on the benefits of spirituality was done by the Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health at Duke University, under the supervision of Harold G Koenig. Mental health benefits of spirituality include coping with adversity, positive emotions, well-being and happiness, hope, meaning and purpose of life, self-esteem, sense of control, positive character traits, coping with depression and suicidal thoughts, as well as anxiety and psychotic disorders schizophrenia , bipolar disorder and substance abuse. On the social level, spirituality benefits society through less delinquency and crime, as well as reducing marital instability, greater care for family support and children, boosting social support and adding improvement to social capital.

And health behaviour benefits of spiritual people include less smoking, better exercise and diet which will affect weight, less alcohol and drug use and more contentment and discernment in terms of sex life. The Spiritual Side of Sports 2. Learning from Animals 3. Fasting 4. Cannabis, Psychedelics and Spiritual Openings 5. Powers of Prayer 6. Holy Days and Festivals 7.

He also explains why do spiritual practices work. Interesting enough prayer is very similar to the intention which plays an essential role in feng shui. Also, learning from animals is part of feng shui. In classical feng shui and Chinese astrology, the animal zodiac signs are ways of connecting to archetypical energies of the animal kingdom.

Read — the year of the earth pig. All these seven spiritual practices are part of modern feng shui too. For example, meditation, singing and chanting and gratitude are part of space clearin g process; connecting with nature and plants are part of living in harmony with nature and biophilia effect ; rituals are key to feng shui and holy and sacred places are good examples of good feng shui.

By definition, the function of spiritual feng shui is not for personal aspects because spiritual is transpersonal.

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Spiritual feng shui is designed for higher values and aspirations. Spiritual feng shui is to help you connect with spiritual dimensions and realms and anchor them in your home or workplace. Having said that, spiritual feng shui can affect your personal life. It is said, that one of the greatest sufferings is when your soul is in a collision with your personality.

The Heart and a Willing Mind

Buy Minding Your Spiritual Business III: Life Stories with Life Sense: Volume 3 by Steven J Wunderink (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Third in a series of blogs and columns by Steven J. Wunderink. Life stories with life sense. Steve moves easily between the business world and the spiritual.

The function of spiritual feng shui is to balance your personal needs and wants with your spiritual needs. For example, in Hindu tradition, every home and business should have an altar with different Indian deities and spiritual teachers, ideally facing east. In Buddhist tradition, people have little altars with statues of Buddha and some spiritual artefacts or symbols. A lot of hotel rooms in the world have a copy of the Bible which supposed to create a sacred or religious vibe. For example, Himalayan salt lamps is a simple and practical artefact that can mark your connection to nature.

Spiritual and mystical experiences are very common and most people have experienced expanded states of consciousness. Modern, person-centred spirituality acknowledges and recognises that people have different ways or gateways to connect to the wonder and beauty of life. For example, some people get the spiritual connection just by walking their dog in a park, some reading a book, some watching their favourite programme with family or friends, some cooking or having a bath. This surprised them, especially Shozo. However, it prompted him to think about Masako in a different way than he had before.

Not long afterward, on April 29, , they were married. Brother and Sister Suzuki were blessed with nine children. Seven of their children served full-time missions. Eight married, all in the temple. Brother Suzuki has served as a branch president, district president, mission president, president of the Japan Missionary Training Center, regional representative, and patriarch. These same blessings can be found everywhere the Church is established. They can even happen in your own family. How do such blessings come? This doctrine is affirmed in the experience of Jesus with the Pharisaic lawyer who asked him:.

From these words we understand that both the heart and the mind must be fully engaged in this holy process. The heart is symbolic of love and commitment. We make sacrifices and bear burdens for those we love that we would not endure for any other reason. If love does not exist, our commitment wanes. If we love the Lord with all our heart, we are willing to give Him everything we possess.

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It suggests that our most devoted lifetime study should be of things that are eternal in nature. It means that there must be an inextricable relationship between hearing the word of God and obeying it. But for those who give their heart and mind to the Lord, whether the burden is light or heavy makes no difference. I wish to suggest five ways we can genuinely seek to give our heart and mind to the Lord:. Gain and constantly nurture your own testimony. If you do not feel the power and security that this knowledge brings, I ask you to study the exhortation found in Moroni —5.

Honor priesthood ordinances and covenants.

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Ordinances are sacred ceremonies in which we enter into solemn covenants with the Lord. As covenant children, we have been promised all that is required for eternal success if we are true to our promises. Prepare for the ordinances yet to be performed in your life, and be guided in your decisions by the covenants you have made. Elder D.

Absent a feeling of reverence, he will grow increasingly casual in attitude and lax in conduct. He will drift from the moorings that his covenants with God could provide.

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His feeling of accountability to God will diminish and then be forgotten. Thereafter, he will care only about his own comfort and satisfying his uncontrolled appetites. Finally, he will come to despise sacred things, even God, and then he will despise himself. When we live by covenant rather than by convenience, we direct our lives toward our heavenly home.

Root out duplicity. A duplicitous person is double-minded in thought, speech, or action with the intent to deceive.

Whose Journey are you focusing on?

Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School conducted a series of clinical tests on meditators from various disciplines, including the Transcendental Meditation technique and Tibetan Buddhism. The next step is to identify rituals for building and renewing physical energy. You, follow me. We also let other people mind our business. The participants outperformed the controls on a series of financial metrics, such as the value of loans they generated. Bookstore Owner

Such a person often acts one way in public and another way in private. Often the purpose of our deception is to hide our sins, but as Jonah learned when he fled to Joppa, you cannot hide from God see Jonah 1. Our deceit will be found out eventually, and the damage caused may be irreversible. What sites do we visit on the Internet?

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