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The nakedness of expression is moving, and Maria Falconetti is an amazing Joan of Arc, with wide eyes, brimming with despair or blazing with religious conviction. She changes from vulnerability to insanity in a moment. Joan suffers so visibly; there is a transparency to her. Whether you are religious or not, the effect is overwhelming. This is a film about society — where you stand in it, how you keep your status, the things you are allowed to do, and the things you keep hidden.

The gentry meet at a country house for a hunting expedition. They have affairs, which must not be talked about. The servants have their own problems, but when these erupt into violence the gentry must not see them. And we are aware, as the camera tracks through the great halls and along the polished floors of the chateau, that this aristocracy has had its day; World War Two is upon them, and everything will change. They leap into the audience and terrorise them, but everyone sits still and laughs. After all, that is what is expected of them. Nobody can break from social convention.

And we sit and watch the entertainment too. Jean Cocteau was best known in France as a poet and novelist, but he also made such beautiful fantasy films. In this version, Orpheus is a poet who has run out of inspiration.

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When he meets Death in the form of a princess, and strange messages start coming out of his car stereo, he becomes obsessed. He neglects his pregnant wife, Eurydice, and when she is killed he realises his selfishness and sets out into the Underworld to find her and bring her back to life. Is love stronger than death? Can a person love death more than life?

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What is the nature of happiness? And how is it possible to visit the Underworld using only a pair of rubber gloves and a household mirror? The Underworld is stunning to look at — a bombed out city, rubble-strewn, bringing us to the realisation that World War Two has only just ended in the world of Orpheus, and Death walks beside him.

Olivia is the tale of a young girl who arrives at a boarding school that is run by two headmistresses who are in a struggling relationship. The girl develops a crush on one of the headmistresses, and unwittingly puts herself between them, leading to jealousy and rage.

A Vampire In Edinburgh (Cassandra Bick 1.8)

Directed by Jacqueline Audry, the only woman at that time to direct commercial French cinema, everything is neat and shiny and the girls at the boarding school are pictures of prettiness. This makes the outbursts of the jealous headmistress ugly and difficult to watch.

Olivia has a cult following, I think because it deals with lesbianism in a very direct and non-voyeuristic way.

Covering 85 years of cinema, Aliya provides her pick of 25 stylish, must-see French movies...

Please note: points accrued during your stay are not available for immediate redemption. I know that the hero accused the heroine of being a witch, which she denied, but after they slept together, he made note that she had two "witches marks" that were birthmarks above her pubic line. At Edgefield, during its seven-decade run as a poor farm, a remarkable array of personalities congregated under its roof: sea captains, captains of industry, school teachers, ministers, musicians, loggers, nurses, home builders, homemakers, former slaves and slave owners. I think she did lose a baby, but I can't remember for sure. I dont remember if the woman was an actress.

This is not about showing us kissing or heavy-petting, or breaking boundaries. The title makes it sound like a pleasant romp through woodlands, but this film is not at all light-hearted. He is the ultimate outsider — mistrusted, given strange, conflicting advice. He received anonymous letters and bears slights from the village children.

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Director Robert Bresson gives us the face of actor Claude Laydu to watch through these random events. The camera follows his eyes with a careful framing, showing us his isolation in cold rooms, against the flat landscape. Scorsese uses the same style in Taxi Driver, the film that gives us another tortured soul, this time without the comfort of faith.

There could not be a Travis Bickle without this country priest. Clouzot understood suspense. He could make you sit bolt upright in your seat, unable to take your eyes from the screen. In this story of four men agreeing to drive a shipment of volatile nitro-glycerine through jungle roads in South America, every jolt of the two trucks could be fatal.

Not a shot is wasted. We see the fear behind the machismo, the desperation behind the posturing. We emotionally invest in these men even as we know they might be blown to bits in a moment. A short documentary, Night And Fog intersperses black and white footage recovered from allied forces with colour shots taken in the remains of Nazi concentration camps on Polish soil. Some of the footage was considered to be so upsetting that the French government made it available only for this film. Director Alain Resnais made later films that meditate on how time affects us, moves us away from the most tragic events, separates emotion from meaning.

Night And Fog is the most powerful film he shot. Once is enough. Albert Lamorisse made short films into which he packed an incredible amount of loving detail; for instance, when you watch White Mane , you become a part of the landscape of the Camargue, running with the wild horses. In The Red Balloon you see Paris with fresh eyes. The greys and browns of the city, the shapes of the doorways and rooftops, are a patchwork into which a single circle is woven. Sookie falls in love with a vampire, a Civil War veteran named Bill Compton. Amazingly, vampires' minds are 'silent' to Sookie, which is heaven for her as human minds are difficult to shut out and bombard her constantly with their thoughts.

In his first visit, Sookie saves him from the Rattrays vampire drainers , and Bill returns the favor the next day when the Rattrays attack Sookie. In the meantime, there are several murders in Bon Temps, and people believe that Bill is behind the murders because many of the bodies have fang marks. The Bon Temps police suspect Sookie's brother Jason and arrest him because he has been romantically linked to two of the victims. Sookie wants to help her brother and asks Bill to take her to a vampire bar called Fangtasia in nearby Shreveport.

Fangtasia is owned by Eric Northman , a vampire sheriff who is much older and more powerful than Bill. Eric soon discovers that Sookie can be useful and orders Bill to have her use her telepathic ability to determine the identity of the person who has been stealing from his bar.

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The hunter just wanted to be left alone - one last drink before leaving London forever. Then the vampire Laclos walked into the bar, and suddenly his night. You can download and read online A Vampire Walks Into. A Bar (Dark Dates Short Stories Book 1) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also You.

Sookie finds out that Eric's partner, Longshadow vampire , has been stealing the money and she almost gets killed in the process. Eric saves Sookie's life by staking Long Shadow when he attacks her. Bad boys v Good Boys Hop. Welcome to the Bad Boys Vs. We LOVE books.

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We're crazy for books and boys. So we decided Valentine's week was a great time to share some of our favorite guys and asked their authors to join in the fun. Each of the participating authors has interviewed their guy and a few of them wrote limericks too! Some are very, very good and som. I was delighted to get a 5 star review from The TBR pile this week, which declared that Dark Dates was 'perfect' and 'should be a hit move'.

Now, excuse me while I go of and blush Vampy Valentine's from Dark Dates. I know, I know, I have been neglecting you terribly, but this is one of my busiest times of year and I have been utterly flat out. Not leats because I am polishing off the Dark Dates sequel So I was thrilled when my friend Caroline Goldsmith did this fun little pic for me Guest post: Justin Carroll.

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Here at Goddess we're always happy to help out fellow indie authors, so delighted to welcome Justin Carroll to talk about his debut book, Everything's Cool. Geek romance from Stella My Star. Sometimes, I really want a boyfriend. Mainly, I admit, when I've watched a Sandra Bullock movie, tried to open a jar of olives, or attempted to fix anything in my house. But sometimes it's just because being in a couple seems to exponentially increase the amount of geeky stuff you can own.

I know I have blogged about Stella My Star before - not sorry, because she's a friend and I also really, really love her stuff - but she's kinda torturing me with all the cool Valentine stuff on her site right. I'm delighted to be one of the hosts on Jade Kerrion's Double Helix blog tour! Her Perfection Unleashed is on offer for a mere 99 cents for the duration of the tour, making it the perfect time to check out this intriguing sounding series Love Triangles in the Double Helix Love triangles abound, at least in fiction. We love to take sides and to root for one team or another.

Not so random reads at the Book Tart. I've talked about the Book Tart before - seriously, she's adorable. We like the same things Dean Winchester, mainly and she's also super stylish, which you know I like. So I was delighted to discover she'd done this V-blog about Dark Dates It's been really great to get so much positive feedback for the books.

Doctor Who jewellery. Guilty confession: originally I planned this as a birthday gift for someone then decided to keep it. I also love, though have restrained from buying, the Don't Blink charm bracelet Santa and Batman! I have, I'm afraid, been spectacularly disorganised this year so the likelihood of anyone getting a Christmas card before Come on, they rock.

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Cards via Stella My Star. Merry Menage over at the Book Tart. I do love the Book Tart - she 's enormous fun and we like so many of the same things - so was delighted when she asked me to take part on her Merry Menage. No, saucy, I don't like her that much, it's a super fun blog hop. So why not pop over at read my post on why Doctor Who and the Queen make for the perfect Christmas, and try to win a prize while you're at it Auditions for the John Lewis ad got a bit nasty. Vampire story FREE this weekend!

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Links for US and UK sites below And worth every penny ;. Meeting Nocturnal Book Reviews. One of the nicest things about this whole writing business is connecting with people, and in promoting Dark Dates I have interacted with loads of lovely bloggers. But the other week I got a chance to actually meet one, when Karina of Nocturnal Book Reviews was in London and suggested meeting for a coffee.