Farmer Jack (The Jack Cheese Story)

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Farm Rich Cheddar Cheese Curds hit grocery stores this fall.

source url Creamy semi firm Danish style cheese. Havarti is a mild cheese with a distinct flavor.

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Also available in dill flavored. Arena Cheese provides a viewing area so you can watch our artesian cheese maker making different varieties of cheeses, Monday - Friday.

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Samples of some of our various cheeses are available for your tasting pleasure. Bus tour groups are always welcome and a narrative of the cheese making process is available with an advance notice. Below is a list of Arena Cheese's best selection of Wisconsin Cheese:.

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American cheeses. Using a pizza roller or a sharp knife, cut the dough into irregular triangles. Eat, drink, swim, hike, and paddle your way through the state's scenic byways. Many Mexicans lost their beloved farms to people like David Jack. An Imponderables Books.

Welcome To Arena Cheese! Shop Online. Cheese Curds A Wisconsin tradition, our cheese curds are taken directly from the cheese vat before it is pressed into solid form.

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Brick Cheese A mild to sweet flavor with a touch of nuttiness that becomes tangy and more pungent when aged. Cheddar Cheese A traditional rich, buttery flavor available in various flavors aged from 1 to 10 years. Main Nibbles.

Product Reviews. August My name is Stephanie Zonis, and welcome to Whey to Go! But even if you know the name, what is Monterey Jack cheese? Jack is commonly used in cooking, as it melts beautifully and its characteristic mild flavor makes it ideal as a base for other flavors pepper Jack cheese, for instance.

Even those who know Jack well may not know the confusion surrounding the history of Monterey Jack. After the missionaries had gone, local farmers continued to make this cheese, which evolved into a product similar to the Jack we know today.

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There are also stories of an enterprising woman named Dona Juana Cota de Boronda, who began selling what would become known as Jack cheese door-to-door after an accident left her husband incapacitated and she became the sole support of her family—15 children as well as her husband and herself. Map courtesy of Wikipedia. Those tales are part of the legend.

This cheese was branded with his last name and its city of origin, Monterey.


David Jacks. There are more than 50 cheesemakers in the state of California today, and greater than one-third of them produce at least one type of Jack.

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Plain or flavored, as a between-meals nibble or part of a main course, this adaptable cheese deserves its good reputation. Use it often enough, and your family and friends may have to admit that you do, indeed, know Jack.