The Franklin Reed Mitchell Family of Adair County, Oklahoma

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Kids Girls. Would you like to rate and review this book? Add a Review Maybe Later. Dorothy Jeanne Bussey Gray Gaona. Be the first to write a review. Buy eBook. Digital Delivery This item is delivered digitally. Synopsis Product Details Delivery Dorothy Gray Gaona's third published work is a collection of history, genealogy, and family stories about the life, times, and family of Franklin Reed Mitchell Let's Try No, Thanks. Select the List you'd like to categorise as, or add your own.

Buy As Gift. Overview Dorothy Gray Gaona's third published work is a collection of history, genealogy, and family stories about the life, times, and family of Franklin Reed Mitchell He was the son of a Scotch-Irish stowaway immigrant and the great-great-grandson of a full blooded Cherokee woman, Gosaduisga. Because of their Cherokee ancestry, Franklin and his eldest children were granted land in by the Dawes Commission. On that land in Adair County, Oklahoma, Franklin farmed and raised his family of seven children. Franklin's life story is told in great detail, and the biographies of many of his descendants and extended family are also presented, many of them autobiographically written.

The book contains 89 biographies of varying level of detail, as well as an extensively hyper-linked genealogy section at the end of the book.

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The hyper-linked genealogy section allows the reader to easily jump between the biographies and the genealogy section, making navigation of the family "tree" easy, a feature not possible in a print edition. As a bonus, external links are provided to web pages of individual graves of Mitchell relatives found in the book, as well as a "Virtual Cemetery" of those graves.

This book will benefit those wanting to know more about the early history of Adair County, Oklahoma, as well as genealogists, and of course the descendants of Franklin Reed Mitchell. Product Details About the Author. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Authority in the Family 5 sermons.

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Bland County Va. Jesse Sixkiller, b. Reed s - s managed by Marilyn Reed last edited 14 Sep Naval Academy Neel E. Reminiscences of Civil War service, no date.

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Dorothy Gray Gaona's third published work is a collection of history, genealogy, and family stories about the life, times, and family of Franklin Reed Mitchell. Read "The Franklin Reed Mitchell Family of Adair County, Oklahoma A History and Genealogy" by Dorothy Jeanne (Bussey) Gray Gaona available from.

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