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These are usually natural zeolite products. Reduction of iron and hydrogen sulfide.

The most common mistakes people make when backwashing a DE filter.

The purpose of this rinse is to rinse and settle the bed and prepare it for return to service flow. There was so much alge in our pump sand we replaced our sand. The one you're most likely to keep clean. If you are not losing prime in your pump, you may be building up an air pocket in your filter. For example, a carbon bed in a 10" X 54" filter tank is usually installed with a five gallon-per-minute flow restrictor.

Greensand is usually used with a potassium permanganate feeder. A natural mined mineral, Filox is known for high level iron removal and reduction of hydrogen sulfide odors. It is very dense and requires frequent and intense backwashing.

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Backwash Rate. Backwash flow rates differ significantly from filter to filter.

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The correct backflow rate is essential to proper operation of a backwashing filter. The correct backwash flow rate is determined by considering the square footage of the surface of the media bed and the density of the media. The filter must have a flow control installed in the drain line to allow a backwash flow rate sufficient to raise and cleanse the media bed but restrictive enough to prevent media from being washed out the drain line. For example, a carbon bed in a 10" X 54" filter tank is usually installed with a five gallon-per-minute flow restrictor.

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Five GPM is sufficient to lift and clean the bed, but carbon is dense enough that it will not be washed out of the drain line during backwash. Service Flow. Service flow of the filter is limited by the size of the tank and the nature of the medium.

Water treatment process - Backwash water filter by sand

Some media require longer to work than others. When the recommended contact time for the medium is violated by excess service flow, the filter is less effective and the life of the medium is usually shortened.

It should be noted that empty bed contact time requirements are frequently violated in residential filters. For example, filter carbon in a 10" X 54" filter has a performance limit of about 3 gallons per minute, but such filters are frequently used in residential applications with much higher flow rates.

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Backwashing (water treatment)

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In terms of water treatment, including water purification and sewage treatment, backwashing refers to pumping water backwards through the filters media. The word Backwash may refer to: Physical phenomena[edit]. Backwash (physical phenomenon), also known as "swash", the backwards flow of air or water.

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