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see url These knobby-looking tubers a. Balsamic vinegar smacks some sass into them. Use this master formula as your guide—but feel free to get creative with the add-ins. A dried chile? A few sprigs of herbs from your windowsill? Why not? Peeling, seeding, and cutting up hard winter squash is about as much fun as cleaning the stove. While smaller squash, such as acorn, can be roasted whole, they are more starchy and liable to dry out.

For this twice-roasted squash recipe, stick with the big boys. For more variations and veggie inspiration, check out our roasted veggie matrix. This figs recipe is sweet, salty, sticky, and acidic—everything you want in a one-bite appetizer. A generous dose of red pepper flakes, a good hunk of butter, and a big squeeze of lemon transform them. Bell peppers get sweet and silky when they slow-roast. Then use them to top ricotta toast, or serve as a hands-off side, or chop them up and mix into your lunch bowl.

Zucchini is anything but boring when bathed in a kicky vinaigrette. Summer squash contains a lot of water, which can cause it to get mushy when cooked. We turned to a trick we use with moisture-rich vegetables like cucumbers and eggplant: Toss raw halved squash with salt and let it sit for at least ten minutes and up to 30 to draw out some liquid, and then pat dry with paper towels. This also seasons it from the inside out, concentrating the flavor.

Applying the classic steakhouse butter-basting technique to slabs of butternut squash turns it into a hearty vegetarian main. You can simplify this side dish recipe by using just one cheese, but the blend of all three will earn it and you! This would make an excellent and filling vegetarian main course add a dollop of yogurt and some cooked rice, if you like.

It would also be great alongside pan-roasted pork chops, hanger steak, or a firm-fleshed fish such as cod. If you're spice-averse, just leave the chiles out! We transformed the regular hands-on skillet method to a very hands-off oven technique. Douse ripe cherry tomatoes in lots of olive oil and slow-roast to golden deliciousness.

Then use it as pasta sauce, a topping for bruschetta, a grain bowl addition, a side to scrambled eggs The finished dish is great at room temp. For this recipe, work in batches and keep the pulses short. Think of this butternut cacio e pepe recipe as pasta cacio e pepe Check out step-by-step photos here. Be sure to serve this salad with croutons or crusty bread alongside. Read more about the underdog cheese, ricotta salata, here. Thinly sliced raw cauliflower takes center stage in this salad, tossed in a bright, limey dressing and dusted with nutritional yeast.

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This recipe would also work with small cipolline onions or larger torpedo-shaped shallots. Preheating the pan helps the leeks take on some color; cooking at a lower temperature ensures they're fully tender. This genius steam-then-roast method produces perfect potatoes every time. In a grain salad?!? Roasting beets over high heat yields charred skin—a nice balance with the sweet flesh. You can find all of the recipes here. Freekeh is green wheat with a slightly smoky flavor we love, but any whole grain you have on hand will work. This recipe from Dimes is part of Healthyish Superpowered , a dinner series honoring female activists and chefs across the country, in partnership with Caviar.

The black-eyed peas bring good luck. If you like yours sweeter, add less vinegar and up the sugar. Use any whole spices you like for this beets recipe; just make sure you sizzle them in oil first to bring out their flavor. This recipe embraces the incredible natural sweetness of sweet potatoes but gives it a spicy edge. You can mix and match the types of apples with whatever you have on hand. Doing so brings out a more complex flavor as well as a more colorful salad.

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We streamlined this recipe to get excellent results in an hour; serve alongside roast chicken or spooned over pan-fried fish or toasted bread. Sweet from dates, sour from lemon, bitter from celery, and salty from Parmesan, this humble salad manages to get all taste buds firing at once. When all the flavors meld, the dried mint blooms and transforms this dish into an addictive slaw that pairs well with fatty cuts of meat. Searing the cauliflower in this recipe before marinating softens the cauliflower, which opens up the florets and creates more surface area for the marinade to stick to.

If you marinate it raw, it will burn before becoming tender. This addictive three-ingredient sauce can go on anything. Make a double batch and spoon the extras over just about any meat, your next grain bowl, or thin it out with a little extra vinegar and use it as a salad dressing. This is actually just a way to serve people a big old pile of seasoned cheese and pretend like it's a salad or something.

That said, it's most delicious during the colder months, when those clementines are at their sweetest. This roasted butternut squash recipe is perfect for a dinner party—serving on a large platter encourages second helpings and all the half portions, tastes, and just-one-more bites that follow.

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A crunchy, salty salad that proves once again! This would work with any other winter squash—acorn and delicata don't even have to be peeled. Go hard on those potatoes and let them get good and browned before tossing them in the pan. Three simple things separate the kind of crispy, flavorful roasted vegetables that you could happily eat three nights a week from the kind that feel like a sad afterthought—and this roasted broccoli recipe gets it right.

For one, making sure not to crowd the vegetables on the sheet pan ensures that they actually roast , not just steam. Even the simplest, throw-together tahini sauce makes a platter of roasted broccoli feel a lot more special. And there you have it folks: roasted veggies you can actually get excited about. This steam-roasting method high heat, covered pan is the best; the liquid prevents the beets from drying out. Roasting the eggplants at a high heat will make the flesh very tender while making the skin a little crispy.

This recipe is from Gunpowder , an Indian restaurant in London. The little sprinkle of buckwheat delivers a much-needed crunch factor. Eggplant is one of the true stars of summer, but it can be tricky to cook.

These are Christmas Cookie Recipes that will make you the talk of the mom groups this year!

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Because it absorbs oil like a sponge during frying, we prefer the oven-roasted method in this recipe, which yields tender, caramelized slices minus all the mess. Elevating the humble onion: Roasting them in their skins retains their natural sugars, and they get meltingly soft without disintegrating. Iceberg who? Will be used in accordance with our user agreement and privacy policy. All rights reserved. Close Menu Icon. Subscribe to our newsletter. Sign Up. Privacy and user agreement. Radicchio Salad with Sour Cream Ranch With salty, sweet, and creamy components, this recipe is more than just a salad: It's a fully realized side dish.

Shingled Sweet Potatoes with Harissa The classic savory-sweet side gets a makeover with the addition of harissa for an extra hint of spicy-earthiness. Leeks in Vinaigrette with Walnuts and Tarragon Cutting the leeks into rounds is an update on the classic presentation—and makes them easier to serve to a crowd. Shaved Carrots with Charred Dates Crunchy tender carrots tossed in a tangy-sweet dressing meet soft and blackened dates for literally everything you want in one bite. Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes You can make and chill these mashed potatoes Yukon Golds make for a creamier, glossier mash up to two days before the big night.

Cranberry Sauce with Orange and Cinnamon Bright citrus and warming cinnamon are the complements cranberries look for this time of the year. Glazed Shallots with Chile and Thyme These sweet and saucy shallots are your best answer to a plan-way-ahead side: They can hold for a day or two, and then go straight from the fridge to the microwave to the table. Parsnip Confit with Pickled Currants Welcome to root vegetables reinvented.

Broccoli Caesar You've never met a better, brighter riff on the classic Caesar than this raw broccoli and Napa cabbage twist. Burnished Potato Nuggets Behold, your new standard for roasted potatoes: puck-size oven fries with creamy insides and unimaginably crunchy exteriors that will make you swoon.

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We highlight products and services you might find interesting. How about corn pancakes made with corn just cut from the cob?? First, corned beef is not Irish. The recipe calls for only six chili peppers but it is still sweet and smells wonderful while it is cooking. This is an image 42 of

Wild Rice Dressing This savory wild rice dish is the ultimate gluten-free stuffing and doubles as a holiday-appropriate grain salad with lots of fresh herbs. Buttermilk Cornbread This cornbread recipe gets everything you want out of the simple sidekick: It's easy to cut, not too sweet, and holds together. Stir-Fried Brussels Sprouts Separating the leaves of each tiny cabbage may sound tedious, but you'll be crowned a true hero once your crowd gets a taste of the sweetest, tender-crisp brussels sprouts they've ever had.

Chicory Salad with Honey-Mustard Vinaigrette This sweet-sharp vinaigrette pairs well with the bitter chicories, but feel free to use another sturdy green if you like. The Multipurpose Shaved-Vegetable Salad You can get away with making this foolproof salad recipe with a sharp knife, but a mandoline is the ideal tool. Citrus-Pomegranate Relish If you see other types of citrus at the market, feel free to combine them in this simple five-ingredient cranberry-free relish recipe. Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Chile Yogurt and Mint This twice-roasted method allows for the sweet potatoes to get super-creamy on the inside while their skins get a little crispy.

Ultra-Creamy Mashed Potatoes We're ready to declare these the fluffiest, creamiest, and easiest mashed potatoes ever. Harissa-and-Maple-Roasted Carrots A colorful and spicy but not fiery! Glazed Shallots These glazed shallots are Thanksgiving's sleeper hit. Photo by Chelsie Craig, food styling by Claire Saffitz. Slow-Cooked Green Beans with Harissa and Cumin Toss green beans with tons of olive oil and aromatics and surrender the whole thing to your oven for an hour or two until it becomes impossibly soft and caramelized.

Cranberry-Fig Sauce Figs bring a touch of sweetness to this bright, chutney-ish cranberry sauce and nicely offset the sharpness of the vinegar. Winter Squash Agrodolce A vinegar-and-chile glaze adds heat to sweet squash, spicing up the traditional Thanksgiving flavor profile. Sweet Potato And Brussels Sprout Okonomiyaki For this nontraditional okonomiyaki recipe, you need to julienne the potato. Extra-Buttery Mashed Potatoes Drying the cooked potatoes in the pan means that they'll absorb that much more flavor from your herb-infused dairy.

Winter Slaw With Red Pears And Pumpkin Seeds Trimming a generous amount of the stem from the brussels sprouts makes it quite a bit easier to tease apart the leaves for this winter slaw recipe. Parker House Rolls A top coat of melted butter and salt makes these dinner rolls irresistible. Slow-Cooked Winter Squash with Sage and Thyme Douse squash in lots of oil and let it slow-roast to golden-deliciousness in this hands-off dish. Shaved Cauliflower You can slice the cauliflower any direction you like, just be watchful of your fingertips on the mandoline and work over a bowl to catch all the bits of flying florets.

Savory Sweet Potato Casserole Brown butter and rosemary are the ultimate, timeless pairing for sweet potatoes. Hasselback Butternut Squash With Bay Leaves For this holiday-worthy recipe, roasting the butternut with several bay leaves slipped between the slices results in a subtle aromatic backdrop for the chile glaze. Cheesy Brussels Sprouts Gratin This holiday-worthy, crowd-pleasing side dish you can never go wrong with cream and cheese requires you to open and close the oven door multiple times, so make sure you pay attention to the visual cues since no oven is exactly the same.

Crispy Smashed Potatoes with Walnut Dressing A condiment made up of walnuts, anchovies, garlic, and red pepper flakes is the ultimate umami bomb, which is then spooned over the crispiest-ever smashed potatoes. Roasted Carrots and Red Onions with Fennel and Mint Toasting the seeds and nuts in oil forms the base of a complex vinaigrette.

Charred Bean and Pea Salad Beautifully crisp with just the right amount of char, this loose riff on a three-bean salad covers your textural bases.

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Seared Mushrooms with Garlic and Thyme Our idea of magic mushrooms is crisp, golden legal substances with the power to lend a bass note of flavor to grain salads, turn a piece of ricotta toast into a meal, or stand alone as a savory side. Romano Beans with Mustard Vinaigrette and Walnuts Romano beans, also known as Italian pole beans, are wide and flat and have a less delicate texture than green beans but share their mild and sweet flavor. Charred Sweet Potatoes with Toum This recipe is nice twice. Slow-Cooked Scallions with Ginger and Chile Leave scallions in the oven for about an hour to draw out their sweetness for a low-maintenance side dish.

Napa Cabbage Salad with Parmesan and Pistachios Crunchy, salty, sweet, and vinegary, this is more of a salad than a slaw.

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Pull-Apart Potato Rolls Use these to make amazing leftover turkey sandwiches. Herby Barley Salad with Butter-Basted Mushrooms Any chewy grain, such as wheat berries, farro, or even brown rice, can replace the barley. Turnips with Garlicky Breadcrumbs and Parmesan If you can find hakurei turnips, a small Japanese variety, grab them! Black and Wild Rice Salad with Roasted Squash Fresh herbs, such as parsley and cilantro, can be subbed for the microgreens.

Roasted Cauliflower The key to developing crispy browned surfaces on roasted cauliflower is baking it in a super hot oven on the lowest rack, so the baking sheet is close to the heat radiating off the bottom of the oven. Warm Eggplant Salad with Walnuts Date syrup gives this savory, nutty eggplant salad the perfect amount of sweetness, and you can find it at most well-stocked grocery stores and health food stores. Mushroom-Thyme Pot Pies Brushing the underside of the dough with egg wash for this pot pie recipe creates an airtight seal so that steam will push the pastry lids into a dramatic dome.

Roasted Cauliflower with Capers and Parmesan If the roasted vegetables you make at home tend to emerge from the oven flabby and pale, you might be cooking them at the wrong temperature and in the wrong position. Squash with Dates and Thyme The sweetness of the squash, dates, and coconut oil in this simple roast is balanced by the garlic and woodsy herbs.

Lemon and Parsley Skillet-Roasted Fingerling Potatoes Use the largest skillet you have a straight-sided 12" is ideal and a fish spatula—the thin angled edge is just right for helping potatoes release from the skillet. Lemony Brussels Sprouts With Bacon And Breadcrumbs Cooking the brussels in two stages for this recipe ensures that the cores will be tender and the outer leaves will still have bite. Glazed Vegetables Take a breather from roasting. Lemony Herb Salad This simple salad is all about the herbs, so put your best effort into finding the prettiest greens.

Miso-Glazed Turnips A simple stovetop technique transforms turnips by deploying a secret ingredient that may be hiding in the back of your fridge. Broccolini-Cheddar Gratin with Rye Breadcrumbs You will fight your own relatives for the bits of cheesy goodness stuck to the bottom of the pan.

Roasted and Charred Broccoli with Peanuts Believe it or not, we came up with a new way to chop broccoli: Include the stems! Slow-Cooked Eggplant with Lemon and Fennel Seeds Use this master formula as your guide—but feel free to get creative with the add-ins. When the mixture is very light in colour and texture gently, stir in the ground almonds, flaked almonds and almond extract.

Cover the bowl and chill for 15 to 20 minutes. When ready to assemble uncover the pastry, and remove the top round and clingfilm. Spoon the filling onto the pastry round on the baking sheet, mounding it slightly in the middle, and leaving a 2cm border uncovered all around the edge. Brush the pastry border with beaten egg, then gently lay the second pastry round over the filling. Press the edges firmly together to seal. Then scallop the edge by pulling the indentations in at 2cm intervals with the back of the knife.

Brush the top of the pastry very lightly with beaten egg to glaze and chill for 20 minutes.

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Meanwhile, preheat the oven to F. Brush the top a second time with the beaten egg glaze, then score a pattern with the tip of a sharp knife. Make a couple of small steam holes in the centre. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes or until the pastry is a golden brown and crisp. Leave to cool slightly before serving. It has also not been professionally tested. Tags: Baking Recipes , britishbakingshowrecipes , Masterclass Recipes.

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