A Six-Step Guide to Positive Parenting

Parenting Resolutions: Your 4-Step Plan to Calm, Positive Parenting
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kinun-mobile.com/wp-content/2020-09-27/nipim-cell-locate.php A new identity. And despite what society might have you believe, it doesn't happen overnight. It takes time. It's taken me a year. And just like the hungry caterpillar, I have had to learn to use my new wings before realizing their beauty. There's a lot of work that happens behind the scenes of Motherly's heartwarming videos and emotional essays—and an incredible team who brings Motherly's magic to life each day.

5 Steps To Put the Brakes on Backtalk - Positive Parenting Solutions

Our remote team of almost 40 come from all over the country and Portugal! This week, we're in New York City reflecting on our growth from the past year and celebrating what's to come—all to ensure we're meeting TeamMotherly exactly where you need us. Known as the most packable backpack ever seriously, it zips completely flat!

Those who flew in for summit especially appreciated it to bring back all of their extra goodies. Added bonus: The wash kit can hold all of your toiletries and cosmetics. While our incredible operations manager had our coffee orders ready to go, these were a lifesaver. With most of our team being working mamas and many flying red eyes from the West coast these made our eyes a little less puffy and a little more brighter.

Goodbye, dark circles! Yeah, we can't remember either. Enter: This bralette. We adore the flirty lace and delicate straps, and loved wearing this under our ThisIsMotherhood tee shirts during long days. Since most of our team flew in, this cozy sleepshirt was the perfect piece to lounge in at the hotel. Did we mention it's made from Cool Nights fabric that keeps your body at an ideal temperature all night long? We're big fans of any product that plumps our skin and decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles—and this cream does all that and more.

After all, we needed a little extra hydration after drinking all of the coffee and tea. Our team loves these bags because they're plastic-free, dishwasher and microwave safe and keep all of our things in one place. Some tossed in extra phone cords, others stored their snacks for the plane in them. Life gets messy literally and since most of us have littles running around, having these wipes around is a game changer.

They're free of bleach and phosphates so we can rest easy cleaning up all of the messes, toys and countertops. Motherly is your daily momlife manual; we are here to help you easily find the best, most beautiful products for your life that actually work. We share what we love—and we may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this. Jalen Ramsey is a football player in the NFL and he's also about to become a father for the second time.

And this time he's decided to take paternity leave. This week, ESPN published a column with this opening line: "Jalen Ramsey has left the Jaguars because of the impending birth of his second child, and the team has no idea when he will return.

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As Fatherly points out, the validity of Ramsey's parental leave was also hotly debated on Twitter, and it's good to see that his employer, Jaguars owner Tony Khan came to his defense even if they don't agree about his future with the team. When a sportswriter took to Twitter, wondering if paternity leave was just a "convenient excuse" for Ramsey to quit playing for the Jaguars, Khan clapped back, calling the tweet appalling. You have no business questioning someone's family," he tweeted. A man who is about to welcome his second child has decided to take parental leave to support his partner during her birth and postpartum recovery.

That's his right and it should be respected. End of story. Dads want to be involved fathers. Our society needs to stop questioning them when they stand up and do that. They say pregnancy can be contagious among friends seriously, it's science and a mini baby boom at California fire department is some pretty compelling—and seriously cute—proof. As Today reports, nine firefighters in Cucamonga, California welcomed nine babies in just four months! Of course, they had to celebrate with a photoshoot and of course it's going viral.

Gabrielle Costello is married to one of the firefighters, Logan Costello, and their daughter Charlotte was the eighth of the nine babies. Her mom posted the photos online and can't believe how they've spread. Link in bio for more of the cuteness!

Parenting Program Summaries and Critiques

As Let Them Eat Dirt shows, there is much that parents can do about this, including breastfeeding if possible, getting a dog, and avoiding antibiotics unless necessary — and yes, it is OK to let kids get a bit dirty. Just as a seven-year-old can use a checklist to remember gym shoes and library books on the correct day, a thirteen-year-old can keep track of her own music lesson and sports practice schedule, and an eighteen-year-old can reliably pack for an overnight trip. In her most important job, she is mom to two fabulous young men. There's a rule — or three — for everything. The most tragic and damaging mistake I see parents continually make is punishing a child for a bad performance by withdrawing emotionally from them. Her fascinating investigation shows how the seemingly innocuous universe of stuff affects kids' behavior, values, and health, often in subtle ways.

This is not the first case of a fire hall baby boom going viral. Back in May seven firefighters in Glenpool, Oklahoma welcomed babies within 15 months, and when their wives decided to take Jovie, Cohen, Saylor, Henley, Kadance, Bodie and Gracie down to the station for a Pinterest-inspired photo shoot, a viral sensation was also born.

10 Parenting Tips to Calm Down Any Child In a Minute

Avery Dykes. Avery Dykes is a school teacher, fire station wife and the part-time photographer behind the incredibly adorable pictures that thanks to the power of Facebook were featured everywhere from Good Morning America, to Fox News, Yahoo and here on Motherly. She's also little Jovie's mama. According to Dykes, the fire station baby boom has been an incredible experience, and she's glad the world is seeing the special bond her husband, Kendall, has with his coworkers, and how it connects the babies and mamas, too.

You have to be because your husbands are gone a third of the time and they live with these other men at the fire station a third of their lives. We lead a very unique life," she tells Motherly. According to Dykes, the idea for the photo shoot started with Allysa Shanks, Saylor's mom, who saw a similar photo shoot on Pinterest awhile back. Shanks explained the genesis of the photoshoot to Motherly via Facebook messenger, noting she was on Pinterest looking at baby things for a reason many mamas can relate to.

My husband and I tried for two long years to get pregnant. We actually had just lost his mom to cancer," she explains. While her family was mourning the loss, a member of the fire community told her they were certain she would get pregnant soon. My husband has had a really hard time losing his mom and those guys at the station and these families have been our rock," Shanks says. They set up a meal train after my C-section for a couple weeks.

When and How to Start Potty Training Your Toddler

They are amazing. Melanie Todd, Cohen's mom, agrees the families all consider each other family. Many of us are newly married within the last years, and just in that phase of our lives," she explains. Without a worthy opponent, without any challenges, sports is not so much fun. The more the challenge, the better the opportunity you have to go beyond your limits. World records are consistently broken and set at the Olympics because the best athletes in the world are "seeking together", challenging each other to enhanced performance. Do not model this attitude!

Root for great performances, good plays, not just for the winner! Unfortunately, judging improvement by winning and losing is both an unfair and inaccurate measure.

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If you apply the basic principles in 'A Six-Step Guide To Positive Parenting', then you can raise courteous, well-disciplined kids and start enjoying life with them. Six Steps for Positive Parenting and Discipline. We can promote healthy brain development and wanted behaviors by following six basic steps for positve.

Winning in sports is about doing the best you can do, separate from the outcome or the play of your opponent. Children should be encouraged to compete against their own potential i. That is, the boys should focus on beating "Peter", competing against themselves, while the girls challenge "Patty". When your child has this focus and plays to better themselves instead of beating someone else, they will be more relaxed, have more fun and therefore perform better. When a child performs to their potential and loses, it is criminal to focus on the outcome and become critical.

If a child plays their very best and loses, you need to help them feel like a winner! Similarly, when a child or team performs far below their potential but wins, this is not cause to feel like a winner. Help your child make this important separation between success and failure and winning and losing. Remember, if you define success and failure in terms of winning and losing, you're playing a losing game with your child! Your role on the parent-coach-athlete team is as a Support player with a capital S! You need to be your child's best fan. Leave the coaching and instruction to the coach.

Provide encouragement, support, empathy, transportation, money, help with fund-raisers, etc. Most parents that get into trouble with their children do so because they forget to remember the important position that they play. Coaching interferes with your role as supporter and fan. The last thing your child needs and wants to hear from you after a disappointing performance or loss is what they did technically or strategically wrong. Keep your role as a parent on the team separate from that as coach, and, if by necessity you actually get stuck in the almost no-win position of having to coach your child, try to maintain this separation of roles i.

Don't parent when you coach and don't coach at home when you're supposed to be parenting. Fun must be present for peak performance to happen at every level of sports from youth to world class competitor! When a child stops having fun and begins to dread practice or competition, it's time for you as a parent to become concerned! When the sport or game becomes too serious, athletes have a tendency to burn out and become susceptible to repetitive performance problems.

An easy rule of thumb: If your child is not enjoying what they are doing, nor loving the heck out of it, investigate! What is going on that's preventing them from having fun?

Is it the coaching? The pressure? Is it you?! Keep in mind that being in a highly competitive program does not mean that there is no room for fun. The child that continues to play long after the fun is going will soon become a drop out statistic. Number FIVE leads us to a very important question! Why is your child participating in the sport?

When they have problems in their sport, do you talk about them as "OUR" problems, i. Are they playing because they don't want to disappoint you, because they know how important the sport is to YOU? Are they playing for rewards and "bonuses" that YOU give out? How invested are YOU in their success and failure? If they are competing to please you or for your vicarious glory, then they are in it for the wrong reasons!

I can do what I want without worrying about what will happen. In her most important job, she is mom to two fabulous young men. Learn more at www. Tags: amy mccready , having a family , motherhood , Positive Parenting , raising kids. Practicing Self-Care. Raising a Special Needs Child.

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Or just as likely, we’ve got questions and you’ve got answers.

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