The Arsenic Labyrinth (Lake District Mysteries Book 3)

The Arsenic Labyrinth
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No fields of daffodills or brooding Victorian critics full of repressed sex and There is one narrative stream that follows Guy Koenig, a wandering con artist who appears to be involved in some way with the death of Emma Bestwick I read the next book in this series out of order but it doesn't make a difference. There is one narrative stream that follows Guy Koenig, a wandering con artist who appears to be involved in some way with the death of Emma Bestwick ten years before.

Everyone appears to be connected by marriage, blood, or professional association and no one is particularly open with anyone else. The main narrative follows the investigation of Emma's disappearance abandoned ten years before, along with a couple of other unexpected events. We learn about two families who created a mining fortune in their part of the Lake District, one family buying out the other when the first lost everything partly through the attempt to create another fortune through the production of arsenic.

It's all very complex but very interesting. I never thought of arsenic as being something one mines, but that's how you get it, burning it out of other ore. The labyrinth of the title is the back and forth vent from the burning chamber into which the vapours pass, depositing the arsenic on the walls. This is a very dangerous thing to handle and boys were used to scrape the stuff from the labyrinth walls, presumably because boys were small and not as valuable as adults.

We deal with marriage to whom, and for what reason , children why and how and the whole complex of community and the need to support each other.

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Very good. Some books just draw you in from the start. It isnt with any great flash bangs of excitment but here it is the style of writing and in my case, a bit of knowledge of the surroundings and ,from having read the previous two books, the characters. Here the cold case unit is looking at another case from 10 years ago when the now DI Hannah Scarlett was working with Daniel's father on the case.

Obviously a bad time for the force with unsolved cases as the one at the heart of Coffin Trail was at the s Some books just draw you in from the start. Obviously a bad time for the force with unsolved cases as the one at the heart of Coffin Trail was at the same time! The close relationships between the families here were always going to have some significance but I found it difficult to get these relationships straight in my mind and perhaps I should have gone back to re read about them but somehow I dont think that should be necessary.

This was my loss. I liked that way that the opening chapter of the book, which at first seemed so isolated from the story and then almost forgotten about, is brought in and explained later. One thing that I thought was a bit of a 'cop out' was the discovery of one of the murderers very much by chance.

Nevertheless I still enjoyed the read and have the next one lined up for the not too long distant. Nov 10, Annerlee rated it it was ok Shelves: challenge , zzzzzzzz , crime. Ok read, but for me nothing special. I was disappointed at the poor sense of place. The lake district is a special region, but this didn't come through very well. The mystery was ok, but there were no red herrings and I wasnt involved enough to try and work it out Couldn't have really because there were too few puzzle pieces made available to me.

The characters felt a bit flat and the author somewhat opinionated on occasion. My verdict? Disappointed :. A quick read about a cold case squad reviewing and then investigating a death which took place 10 years earlier when the local press show a renewed interest in the case. All a little bit pat in the end with no perpetrator actually facing justice. I didn't really get much feeling of the Lakeland setting. Yes, it's winter and it's wet and cold with snow threatened, that's all.

The relationship between the DCI and her bookshop partner is skimmed over - they seem an odd pair, that's all. The other m A quick read about a cold case squad reviewing and then investigating a death which took place 10 years earlier when the local press show a renewed interest in the case. The other main character, an historian who has given up a chair at Oxford for a life in the fells is also sketchily drawn.

The relationship with his glam, journo, girlfriend is also strange, but the way it turns out is not unexpected. Why he had to give up TV work merely because he has moved to the Lakes seems odd in this day and age of speedy transportation and instant communications via email etc. The horizontal chimney, the arsenic labyrinth of the title is a type of construction I knew of in the lead mining areas of the north east of England.

The Lake District Mysteries Series

View 1 comment. Sep 26, Sharon Mensing rated it really liked it. There was too much going on in my life while I was reading this for me to stay completely focused on the mystery -- this took me too long to get through in spite of it being a fascinating story having to do with families and the heartbreak their dynamics and feuds can bring. Daniel and Hannah's relationship formed more of a core of this book than the previous ones, but that may simply have been that it was easier for me to focus on it than the mystery at this point.

I continue to love Edwards' w There was too much going on in my life while I was reading this for me to stay completely focused on the mystery -- this took me too long to get through in spite of it being a fascinating story having to do with families and the heartbreak their dynamics and feuds can bring. I continue to love Edwards' writing and the setting, as well as the bits of history woven into this series. I've only got one more in the series, so Edwards better get writing!!

May 10, Patricia rated it really liked it. I loved the first two books in the Lake District murder mystery series. This is the third book in the series, and it was just okay at first, but I enjoyed it a lot more as time passed. The ending was very good. Third in the series. As with the the previous two books, the main storyline has numerous twists and turns, while the ongoing story featuring Hannah and Daniel also moves on. And I love the references to the various locations in the Lake District and surrounding area - places that I know so well.

So after Number 4, I nipped back to catch up. The story centres on a cold case which DCI Hannah Scarlet is persuaded to reopen, about a missing woman assumed to have left the area. A great read which only goes to entice me to keep reading the rest of the series. Jul 03, Sheila rated it really liked it Shelves: england , female-protagonist , mystery , drama. Events take place in and around a small town, nearby lake and mountain. A newspaper account revives a ten-year-old missing person case, and Hannah, head of the Cold Case Review Team, is pressured to resolve it. Meanwhile relationships shift and turn, perfection as elusive as love, and a wealth of surely-not suspects prove to hide many skeletons in their cupboards.

The large cast of characters might sometimes confuse a reader new to the series like me , but the fascinating plot and genuine small-town feel of the place, together with enticing details of history of character, keep the pages turning and the mystery revolving. Mar 03, Linda Lanoue rated it really liked it. This was my first read by this author. It is the third book in the Lake District, so I didn't have any background on the relationships, which made it more difficult to emphasize with the main characters.

I like erudite novels that impel me to look into something further. This one caused me to refresh my memory on John Ruskin, a very interesting individual. I especially liked that the author didn't over romanticize the Lake District, as many do. I thought the book was a little too long, but I def This was my first read by this author. I thought the book was a little too long, but I definitely want to read more by this author. Feb 01, Wren rated it it was ok.

A Saturday Slaughters selection. This book has painted the Lake District as a dreich, gray landscape populated with dullards. The minor characters were better drawn and more interesting than the major characters. The one redeeming plot point revolves around revenge. Apr 24, G rated it liked it Shelves: mystery , fiction. Dark is the first German-language Netflix original series; it debuted on Netflix's streaming service on 1 December The first season received mostly positive reviews from critics, who made initial comparisons to another Netflix series, Stranger Things.

Premise Children start disappe.

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The Arsenic Labyrinth – Martin Edwards – Cleopatra Loves Books

The prehistoric glacial lake Agassiz once held more water than contained by all lakes in the world today. A glacial lake is a body of water with origins from glacier activity. They are formed when a glacier erodes the land, and then melts, filling the depression created by the glacier. As the ice age ended, these melted to create lakes. This is apparent in the Lake District in Northwestern England where post-glacial sediments are normally between 4 and 6 metres deep.

Lake District Mysteries. Michael Jecks, British Crime Writing vol. Philip Scowcroft, British Crime Writing vol.

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March April Rebecca Tope topic Rebecca Tope is a British crime novelist and journalist. Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s Canadian crime drama television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s Canadian crime drama television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. List of Murdoch Mysteries episodes topic Murdoch Mysteries is a Canadian mystery drama television series that began in Roopkund topic Roopkund locally known as Mystery Lake, Skeletons Lake [1] is a high altitude glacial lake in the Uttarakhand state of India.

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Local journalist Tony di Venuto is campaigning to revive interest in the disappearance of Emma Bestwick. Guy knows what happened to her. He tips off Tony that Emma will not return.

Her inquiries take her to the Museum of Myth and Legend and to the remote and eerie Arsenic Labyrinth-a series of stone tunnels used to remove arsenic from tin ore. A shocking discovery makes it clear to Hannah that there is more than one mystery to solve He writes a regular column for Sherlock magazine and is the author of seven non-fiction books. His uncle, suspected of having done the boy harm, was interviewed by the police. When the uncle committed suicide near his cottage in the Hanging Wood, everyone assumed it was a sign of guilt.

The boy's body was never found. Now Callum's sister, Orla Payne, who never believed in their uncle's guilt, has returned to the Lakes and taken up a job in a residential library close to the Hanging Wood. She wants to find the truth about Callum's disappearance. Hannah is reluctant, but when Orla dies in strange and shocking circumstances, Hannah determines to find the truth about what happened to Callum-and to Orla.

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